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Healthcare & Medical Industry

 As We Care To Remember! why the medical industry, is rendering high peak activities for PPE levels.

  • Effortless demand for PPEs Chain & Supply, in the prevention of disease spreading.
  • The epidemic has created a huge nationwide need for professional medical supplies and equipment in great force.
  • The expansion for these PPE products, alerts us, and bring awareness to our impacted society.
  • Plus, a real reason! to keep your medical team fully equipped, available stock (first-hand) from a relievable source.
  • An online retailer like Ailime DeSigns, who can provide your business establishment with all their working tools and accessories.
  • In large “bulk capacity”, all located here- one-stop-shopping! No Shortage Here?
  • Here at Ailime DeSigns we specialize in a wide range of industry standard protection accessories, for the following mentioned.
  • Hospitals, Healthcare Facilities, Food Workshops, Epidemic Preventive, Isolate Germs, Product Testing, Medical, Disinfection & Radiation Protection, Surgery Centers, Refineries, and Experimental & Chemistry Lab Clothing A
  • Our goal is to establish a partnership with medical facilities, US (48) states and surrounding local cities.
  • We are here for your business on a much larger scale (if you need us).
  • Ailime DeSigns can purchase and provide PPEs, anywhere starting from (1 to 100,000) bulk pieces of all PPEs from overseas manufacturers.


  • Great quality, non-woven, breathable, sturdy, durable, disposable clothing, and other medical accessories.
  • Material Fabrication – consists of natural Cottons, Polyesters (processed), Polyolefin (blends), Polyamide, PBI (Polybenzimidazole), and other woven fiber materials.
  • PPEs approved, regulated, and complies with overseas regulations FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3.
  • These PPE products have been used in other segmented settings.
  • The prevention of Infectious Diseases and Potential Contaminated Building areas.
  • PPEs could help aid, in certain dangerous sectors, and severe unsafe environments.
  • Such as Spraying Operations, Asbestos, Manufactures, Dust Protection, Volatile Internal Heat, Cleaning, Maintenance, Prevention of Fine Particles, and other Frontline Industries that require Protective Clothing.

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 Digital Infrared Thermometers

 KN-95 Face Masks

 Foot Cover Machines

 Medical Face Masks

 Hair Bouffant

 Nitrile Gloves

 Heat Thermal Detectors

 Protection Jumpsuits

 Isolation Gowns

 Pulse Oximeter

Other Useful Products

 Hat Shields

 Shoe Booties 

 Nurse Shoes

 Walking Canes