Ailime Designs Quality Canes – Elderly Walking Support
Ailime Designs Quality Canes – Elderly Walking Support
Ailime Designs Quality Canes – Elderly Walking Support

Ailime Designs Quality Canes – Elderly Walking Support

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  • Item: Cane Knobs
  • Department: Adults
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Model Number: Cane Knob Accessories-
  • Length:  about  (L x W x H)Size:(2.3X1.5X3.2)inch
  • Decorations: Craving, Head Decoration
  • Style Type: Classic
  • Please Note: This cane is not for medical purposes (decorative use only).
  • Handle Material:  100% Brass Copper
  • Process: Die cast, Plating
  • Handle Shape:  Woman Body 
  • Pattern:  Woman
  • Colors: Antique Gold
  • Outdoor Activity: Hiking, Walking, Special Occasion, Camping, Shopping


  • Bronze sculpture "knob" ornament.
  • Excellent creation of an oriental Tibetan.
  • Designed & created, to show a patina finish and antique feel.
  • The verdigris bronze is slightly rubbed & polished, to create the look of ancient times.
  • This "Woman Knob Head", can be added to your collection or  become a  great gift for your friends and family members.
  • Excellent oriental hand craved workmanship.
  • Natural characteristic will show its beauty from their fine carved details (please make notice) oriental treasures well kept secret.


  • Consider your type of fashion style cane, when making your final selection.
  • Decorative canes are a fashion accessory and cannot be used as a medical or walking cane aid.
  • Please use it properly to prevent the cane from breaking or hurting yourself.
  • If the product is damaged, due to human factors (incorrect use), a refund nor replacement cannot be made by vendor.
  • Many style choices to choose from, as you purchase your favorite cane.
  • Our parents and Grandparents will be extra excited, to receive a design style cane for basic support purposes.
  • Basic single types, straight, multiple-legged, seat cane, C-shapes, animals, and reptiles.
  • All share a spot for a family member, friend, and special gift treat.
  • Keeping balance is the key in body support, knee, back, hip and ankles.
  • Even sport one of these on a special occasion to match your perfect outfit.
  • Some walking canes become collectable items for many.
  • Using a cane, also help assist with balancing, less weight pressure.
  • Usage on a particular injured leg or foot (after undergoing surgery).
  • Use also, as a crutch to help aid with mobility while walking.
  • So, what are you waiting for! Find The Perfect Fit For You This Day.