Small Replicas Magnet Creations

Small Replicas Magnet Creations

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Redesigned Small Replicas Magnet Creations

Refrigerator Magnets:

  • Item Type: Magnets
  • Pattern: Gold Bricks 
  • Model No: Magnets
  • Style: Souvenir
  • Features: Miniatures
  • Colors: Multi
  • Size: Medium
  • Package Piece: 1PC
  • Material: Polymer Resin Clay
  • Usage: Refrigerator Decoration, Note & Picture Holder, Frig Collectibles

Special Note: Keep magnets away from Babies, Small Children & Pets. If any magnet product is knocked-off or fallen from your refrigerator. Please, we urge you to pick up at once, to void any choking or mishandling of some products being smaller than others.   

Keep Safety in Mind Always…