Vintage Style Ruffle Bib Front Apron w/ Red Rose Skull Motif Prints

Vintage Style Ruffle Bib Front Apron w/ Red Rose Skull Motif Prints

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  • Item Style Type:   Bibs, Waiter, Chef, 50’s, & Conversational Style Aprons
  • Model No:  Aprons- 85018
  • Ornaments: Tie-back, Skull Rose Print, Ruffles
  • Halter Neck: No
  • Shoulder Straps:  Yes
  • Waistline Tie: Yes
  • Front Pockets: Yes
  • Bib:  Yes
  • Tie-Back Colors:  Fabric Color
  • Material:  Cotton
  • Apron Length:  Regular
  • Sleeveless:  Yes
  • Apron Colors: Black/ Red Contrast Trim
  • Adult Sizes:   Large- (One Size Fits Most)
  • Children’s Sizes:  Not Available
  • Origin: China
  • Features:  Machine Wash Safe
  • Usage:  Home, Backyard Barbeques, Parties

Special Tips:

Aprons (varies on differ body heights/widths) Kept this in mind!  

When making your final selections:

  • If a tall body form is straight-proportion with added (height), a body dimensions of the apron will lay comfortably in position, but with some noticeable exceptions. Due, to some fabric length will become (loss) or subtracted from the garment design specifications. Causing the fit to conform to the height specifications & not the designed form cut measurements of-the-fabric garment.
  • If a plus size body has a little more (width) to the body form dimensions. This can cause the regular size apron to rise above its designed style length. Causing apron proportions, not to fit properly to cut size measurements of-the- garment. But yet, other factors with height, can also change the fabric dimensions position & height length specifications.

Tip: Width/Height             HAPPY SHOPPING!!