Women's Long Knitted Knee Length Socks - Ailime Designs
Women's Long Knitted Knee Length Socks - Ailime Designs
Women's Long Knitted Knee Length Socks - Ailime Designs
Women's Long Knitted Knee Length Socks - Ailime Designs
Women's Long Knitted Knee Length Socks - Ailime Designs
Women's Long Knitted Knee Length Socks - Ailime Designs

Women's Long Knitted Knee Length Socks - Ailime Designs

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  • Item Type: Compression Sock Accessories
  • Department: Fashion Accessories
  • Gender: Women (unisex)
  • Model Number: Sports & Activities Compression Socks
  • Socks Tube Height:  Knee High   
  • Material Type: Blend
  • Pattern: Conversational Prints
  • Pressure Value: 20~30mmHg
  • Material: Polyester/Nylon
  • Sold As:  See Variant Details
  • Thickness: Standard
  • Obscene Picture: No
  • Style:  Casual/Dress
  • Style Type: Compression Socks
  • Origin: China, Mainland
  • Color: Multi
  • Women size S-M: EU 39-41
  • Women size L-XL: EU 40-42


  • Compression Socks Relieve Pain For: Diabetics, Varicose Veins, Plantar Fasciitis, Relief Shin Splints, Pulled Muscles, Calf/Foot/Leg Cramps, Blood Pooling, Swelling and Heel Cup Issues.
  • Make your Sport Unrestrained: Such as Basketball, Soccer, Football, Hockey, Cycling, Mountain Climbing, Tennis, Skating, Golf, Boxing, Kick Boxing, Running, Workout, Exercising, Walking, Hardening, Yoga and Marathons
  • Medical Industry can enjoy much comfort to their legs, ankles, and feet, during long 12-hour shifts, Nurses, Doctors, Administration, Expected Mothers and even Teachers.
  • Trendy Styles: Meets the standard and suitable for many occasions and makes a great gift for your family, friends, loved ones, even mom/dad can enjoy the benefits and support from these Compression Socks.

Why Do More And More People Enjoy Wearing Compression Socks Today?

  • Whether you're an athlete who wants to excel in the game.
  • Consumers who sit for long periods (during travel or at work).
  • Someone dealing with pain due to a chronic condition, supporting proper blood flow to your feet is of the utmost importance.
  • Our Compression Socks are engineered with the latest arch to calf compression technology.
  • Offering a targeted foot to calf muscle support.
  • Helps to keep blood flowing to boost athletic performance and alleviate pain due to several conditions.
  • Reduces the Risk of Injury:
  • Provide extra compression support to stabilize your arch, ankle, and muscles.
  • Minimizes muscle oscillation and micro-tearing.
  • Prevents cramping and injury.
  • Enhancing support can prevent injuries due to poor muscle strength, especially in the second half of the marathon.

Improves Your Performance:

  • For endurance athletes, the key mechanism is the "calf muscle pump" - with each step or pedal-stroke, the clenching and unclenching of the calf muscle squeezes blood back toward the heart.
  • Our Compression socks provide an extra squeeze that enhances this pumping action.
  • Speeding the flow of much-needed oxygen to working muscles.
  • Speeds the circulation of blood back toward the heart and clears away metabolic waste products from the muscles.

Helps You Recover Faster:

  • Stimulates blood flow and improves oxygen delivery to your muscles.
  • Reduces lactic acid production, muscle soreness and the feelings of heaviness in the feet and legs.
  • Quicker recovery from "delayed onset muscle soreness".

Helps Prevent or Relieve Swelling:

  • Helps control swelling through enhanced circulation and hastens the removal of cellular waste products.
  • Reduces swelling and fatigue from prolonged sitting or standing. It is ideal for pregnant women.
  • And those who sit or stand for long periods during travel or at their jobs.

Helps Relieve Plantar Fasciitis Pain:

  • Designed with compression to aid in pain management and relief from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and arch pain.
  • Helps With Standing and Walking Pain.
  • Compressing The Ligament Will Reduce Inflammation Expediting the Healing Process.

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