Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)

Ailime Design introduces for our customers, who share various disability types.

  • Technical guideline requirements, for making our website accessible and content solution ensured through (WCAG) World Wide Web Consortium for online businesses.

  • Various versions of WCAG requirements are met, with some potential alternatives in compliance with required accessibility application.

  • We will work extremely hard to provide you information through various methods and mobile site accessible to everyone.

  • Implementing new technology with updated improvements, efforts to be consistent with this goal, aim high to better serve a wide possible audience (without any limitations) and continue with enhancing the accessibility for our loyal customers.

Three Guideline Levels: A, AA, AAA 

  • (Main level accessibility used and achieved is 2.1 AA)


Accessibility Assistant, a trending product in the online marketplace, which makes any disabled (deaf, blind, mute, visually impaired, mobility impaired) person, to use this application for their requirements.

By keeping in mind- the main social goal, our innovative partners had worked hard to introduce. This application is to help enhance our site and increase web assistance, for those with disabilities. As you devote time and effort to search products, using our digital properties and to deliver the best shopping experience with our accessibility web tools.

Three Major Functionalities:

Disable/Enable Widget: When visiting our site, customers will have the options to access the installed disable/enable widget features, within our website system.

Access/Change Font & Background Colors: Depending on the mood of our customers, as they surf our website system. One will be able to change/adjust the screen to their desire level of color with ease.

Any difficulty accessing our web content, please