Order Tracking Information

Order Tracking

Has My Order Shipped?

  • We e-mail tracking numbers on all orders usually within 24 to 48 hours of shipment.
  • Our estimated delivery time is 10 to 20 business days following shipment for overseas shipment and can at time extend to 30 days.

Can I Track My Order?

  • We e-mail tracking numbers on all orders usually within 24 hours of shipment.
  • Along with the tracking number, we provide a link to the carriers Web page to assist in your tracking.

My Order Never Arrived?

  • If you have received a tracking number and your order never arrived in accordance to the shipping carrier's estimated delivery date.
  • Please contact us at ContactUs@ailimedesigns.com and we will assist you in locating your order.

If You Have Not Received A Tracking Number:

  • Has it been 15 business days since your order was confirmed?
  • NO: Please wait the 15-business day period prior to contacting us.
  • YES: Please contact us at ContactUs@ailimedesigns.com

Item Is Missing From My Order?

  • Most of our products are shipped from a central warehouse.
  • However, there are times that orders contain products that are shipped from multiple warehouses from overseas vendors.

If You Believe That An Item Is Missing From Your Shipment:

  • Please verify that the missing item is identified on the receipt located inside the shipping box.
  • Please note, only items shipped are printed on the packing list and charged on your credit card.
  • If an item in your order is not in stock, we will notify you via email on the back-order.
  • We will NOT charge your credit card for that item.
  • If you believe that we shipped and charged your credit card and a product is missing, please contact us immediately at ContactUs@ailimedesigns.com.

I Received A Product Missing Part?

I Received The Wrong Product?

Can You Track Exactly Where Your Package Is?

  • You can locate and track any/all shipped (local) US & Overseas packages.
  • 17-Track system works with universal known carriers, such as FedEx, UPS, TNT, and DHL and China Post.
  • USPS packages can be tracked, using the tracking number provided through your email after 24 hrs.
  • Enter your tracking number on their website and follow the steps for tracking packages.

How Do You Track A Package?

  • To track a package, you must enter your complete tracking number received through your email.

When Can I Expect My Package To Arrive?

  • As mentioned, within our online store policy details.
  • All overseas goods go through processing steps, upon receiving your invoice from  Ailime Designs.
  • Please read our store Shipping Policy carefully, for detail shipping information, pertaining to overseas time schedule.
  • Carefully read all shipping guidelines, allow extended processing time, for regular and custom overseas product orders.
  • All local California orders will be shipped out (before 5:00 p.m.), when orders are placed before 12:00 noon, western standard time.

How Do I Know When My Package Will Arrive?

  • On our detail shipping policy pages, you’ll find detail information on where your package has been picked up and scanned from start to finish.

Let’s Get Started!

  • Enter your tracking numbers (without using any spaces or dashes), inside the provided box shown below or above.
  • Also, make sure to provide any letters along with combination of number digits
  • Click the track button to begin tracking your package status.
  • The system will then detect your routing number, under normal conditions, while detecting tracking information updates.

Package Status:

  • Click the status icon to view the explanation of package tracking details
  • Tracking system will update customers with routing event details.
  • As transportation tracking completes its destination, to you the customer.  THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE!