Jewelry Care

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Simple Fashion Jewelry Tips:

 Do’s & Don’ts  

 Is it ok to put my fashion jewelry on after a shower, adding lotion and perfume to my body?

 Answer: No-

  • Any type of oils and lotions are not compatible with our body chemicals.

While working out, biking, jogging, hiking, swimming, or performing any type of physical sport activities. Is it ok to wear my Fashion Jewelry?

 Answer:  No-

  • The body sweat and saltwater released from the pores, will cause the jewelry to tarnish gradually over time.
  • If the natural salts that our bodies produce (from sweating) releases wet moisture.
  • These effects will then create water, which will start the tarnishing process of your Fashion Jewelry (losing its original color clarity) over time used.

 Will washing dishes (hands-in-water), while wearing my Fashion Jewelry, will cause my jewelry to tarnish?

Answer:  Yes-

  • Any type of contact with water or detergents, will cause your Fashion Jewelry to lose its natural beauty.

Can I use jewelry cleaner on my Fashion Jewelry?

Answer:  No-

  • Tip: After each wear, wipe down gently each piece of Fashion Jewelry, using a sterile gauze pad (from your medicine cabinet).
  • This will help remove left over lotion/hand sanitizer used.

Is it ok to use hand sanitizer on hands, then place jewelry pieces back on finger?

Answer: No:

  • First-hand experience, alcohol is the main ingredient used to make/produce hand sanitizer.
  • The alcohol will cause your jewelry to tarnish at a much faster rate.
  • Hand sanitizer is not your best friend! (when it comes to alloy material).
  • Avoid using hand sanitizer at all costs, while wearing your special jewelry pieces.
  • Our advice would be to use a moisturizer on your hands/wrist, after using hand sanitizer.
  • Then wipe-off access lotion after applying both or one.

Will direct sunlight and heat rays, change the coloration of my Fashion Jewelry?

Answer:  Yes-

  • Continuous heat changes the oxidants within the jewelry.

Is it ok to leave on/wear my Fashion Jewelry, while sunbathing, swimming, and using the spa?

Answer:  No-

  • Water contact is to be avoided with all Fashion Jewelry pieces.


Remember: Maintaining your Fashion Jewelry.

  • Stay away from direct sunlight if all possible.
  • Do not take a bath or shower, while wearing your jewelry.
  • Do not wear jewelry while working out during sports activities.
  • Before washing dishes, remove all jewelry.
  • Make sure to not expose your jewelry to lotions, oils, or perfumes.
  • Be careful using lotions/hand sanitizers.
  • Keep jewelry stored in a cool place (using silica gel packets)
  • Silicone is used in our shoe box purchases and can be found inside your product garment bags.
  • Silica gel packets is a great way to keep moisture out.
  • Silica gel packets will help maintain your jewelry.
  • Please keep Silica gel packets away from infants, toddlers, small children, and all pets (not to be digested).
  • Stay away from the steam & dry saunas.
  • Nail polish is a great tool to keep stored on the shelf.
  • Clear polish will help restore/pump up dullness caused over time.
  • Nail polish (clear) is great for mounting/securing crystals.
  • Super glue will always be a girl’s best friend, for missing stones and cracked jewelry ornaments.
Hope this was helpful…