Exotic Leather Skin Information

Special Tips:

Exotic Skin Leather Tips-

Python Skin Leather:

  • Do not wipe too much on top of the python scales, will increase curling of the leather.
  • Do not damp the python, due to loss of elasticity and will cause the leather fiber to become easily broken.
  • Avoid high temperatures, reducing the surface of deformity or cause hardness and curling.

    Ostrich Skin Leather:

    •  Care Tools: cotton towel, white gloves, leather cleaner, glossy nursing liquid, bactericidal deodorant.
    • Avoid the moisture and hot sun heat, to keep the leather surface color from changing and causing the texture to become easily broken.
    • Put paper inside the handbag, plus using a outside dust cover for extra added protection, while being stored away for some time.
    • Avoid high temperatures, reducing the surface of deformity or cause hardness and curling.

    Crocodile Skin Leather:

    • Do not use any type of chemical, alcohol or unordinary leather cleaner (including shoe cream & wax) on the leather surface.             
    • These cleansers will ruin the crocodile leather surface color and cause fading of the skin.
    • Only clean the surface with professional leather care.
    • Scrub with a moist form, which keeps the crocodile leather fine quality recovery and protects the surface very well.
    •  Do not expose handbags to lots of sun and wind
    •  Dry the leather bag with a fabric sheet after being caught in the rain, instead of using a hairdryer, while motioning in the same direction of the crocodile skin scales.
    • Put some paper inside of the handbags, while being stored in a closed closet area space, for over a long period of time, with assistance from using a dust cover bag (for added coverage).
    • To help the bag to maintain its shape/form, while being stored is the key to its beauty.


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