Cookies and Site Data is used behind the scenes, to work with website features. This information is gathered by cookies to allow ecommerce website owners, to analyze how each visitor interacts with their shopping experience.

  • Customer traffic will increase a website performance, provide better shopping experience, (using their mobile & computer devices) and how you found our site.
  • Cookies are integral components of websites functionality.
  • Collecting of personal information, used/recorded to help enhance functionality of standard website features, processed through movement and the user browser.
  • Ailime Designs will only make use of your personal information, while facilitating customer orders (purchased through our website), while processing orders through our third-party affiliates (overseas products).
  • We (Ailime Designs) use third-party merchants to provide a service on our behalf, will only share database material, related functions and payment processing services information.
  • Our overseas partners are well-respected, follow all guidelines by law, maintain a respective privacy policy (while obtaining customers personal information), used in the same manner as per agreement.
  • We are required by law to inform; share this detail agreement and responsibility we share with our affiliate partners, to fully respect our customers shared personal information.
  • Purchases sold out-of-state of California, will also adhere to the following rules & regulations, and will not share any personal data information from their customers ever.
  • Personalized email marketing material ads, for the sole purpose of promotion, invitations and returned shoppers use. In addition, will give consumers the right to opt-out at any given time.
  • This information only allows for a website owner to gather information, pertaining to the length of time customers spend on product pages, identifies customer log ins and any plug-ins to enable social media engagement from owner web store pages.
  • Better understanding! is to know, your personal information is only active through current sessions of active website usage.
  • Customers after completing their browsing, leave-out, closes their web browser and the cookie session is removed.
  • If you the customer want to fully cleanse your web browser daily, after visiting many websites.
  • Just go to your web browser tools and erase all history, cookies and visits made to any/all web pages.
  • Website owners take on the responsibility to protect all visitor’s data information, when visiting or shopping and using their online services.
  • We here at Ailime Designs take the necessary measures, to ensure that no customer cookie personal information is vulnerable nor unauthorized access.
  • Ailime Designs understands the importance of your privacy at every vital cost, while operating fully to (GDPR) compliance, security protection and avoid any data privacy breach and protocols.
  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), is our government regulating/requiring all websites to follow pacific guidelines.
  • Secure data privacy and to protect online consumers personal data information, when browsing and shopping through our ecommerce website.
  • Compliance related topics pertaining to cookie rules, the purpose of collected cookie information from our (website) through customers consent (upon entering our online store).
  • We believe in taking the necessary steps to protect ourselves from any illegal disagreement, claims and legal process, that may inflict any negative information, while using our website tools.
  • Ailime Designs will protect our property and right to prevent or stop any fraud activity, we may consider to be a high risk, illegal and described as unlawful.
  • ConsentAilime Designs will only share your information with consent or the collection of your database information for provided services.
  • These collected cookies from our customers, provide a much smoother website experience and ways for Ailime Designs, to help improve our engagement with customers.