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Ailime Designs Opt-Out

Not To Participate In Any Type of Email Marketing/Newsletter Advertising (using customer personal emails)

  • We here at Ailime Designs will not be participating in any types of email marketing campaigns nor sending out any personal newsletters (pertaining to ads) for online store sales.

  • Auto emails are sent out to all customers, after making an online purchase.

  • This tool is used to generate a one-time confirmation number, provide tracking details of packages, and for any follow-ups through store communication reasons.

  • Your email information will not be given out to our overseas partners, as well to be understood.

  • We value your privacy, with hopes that our overseas partners will follow all rules and guidelines, as the same policy set before all merchants.

  • We will only be providing your name/mailing address information for shipping purposes only.

  • All other needed information will be translated from our store to vendors, with any concerns pertaining to customers placed orders.

  • California privacy policy is also available in our online store pages, for all California residents to review. <Click>

  • Our ad campaigns will be performed through (outside) Public Media, Radio PodcastBlog Posts, Postcards, Door Hangers, Press Release and Social Media Advertising.

  • Please make note! This is our way- of keeping your personal information out-of-the-hands of fraud activities.

  • Our decision to opt-out of sending specials, anniversary sale events or any other solicited material to our (wonderful customers).

  • Ailime Designs will always keep their customers in mind when it comes down to; DO-NOT-SHARE-MY -INFORMATION.



  • INFORMATION will not be obtained through third party email campaigns from Ailime Designs.

  • Trust Is The key! to keeping our customers satisfied for an exceptionally long time.

  • You will be able to enjoy our company ad campaigns, mentioned up above, through our Blog Post, Face Book, Twitter, and Instagram Media accounts.

  • This way, your personal information will not get into the-wrong-hands, coming from our online family store.

  • We are hopeful! your shopping experience will continue to be pleasant.

  • When you need that special design (to compliment) that special room for your Home Décor, Gifts, Anniversaries, Holidays, Someone You Love, Mom, Dad, Best/Special Friend, Wedding, Pets, Children’s, Baby Shower or just that Special Outfit for your upcoming Red-Carpet Event.

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