Covid-19 Update



We say hello! here from Ailime Designs.

Our main priorities are to our customers, as you continue to support our online store. You the public may share plenty concerns and questions, pertaining to risk of exposure of COVID-19.

Firm marketing and FDA are working immensely to continue monitoring merchants & consumers on any emerging coronavirus issues with staff (in the manufacturing industry) also, FDA-regulated products (which may come from a variety of sources).

A great amount effort, energy, has been placed on; not to risk exposure, violate any govern laws, provide updated information, pertaining to product material safeness, local and internationally (as we are not experiencing many delays in supply or delivery.

We strive to provide the same high-quality level of services, as we all come together as one. To continue the fight, ship, receive safe products according to World Health Organization, and the Center for Disease Control & Prevention.

Our partners continue to update the public, with major health concerns, as U.S. Surgeon General, Public Health Agency, continues to use information from Foreign Government Officials.

 Stay Safe!