Community Engagement


Retail Fashion Community

  • Our neighborhood community of Friends, Family, Partners, Torrance Chamber Members and Associates.
  • Has all come together and bonded with Ailime DeSigns.
  • To participate in celebrating our Grand Opening Event.
  • Five Essential Ingredients- for fulfilling our goals, up-rooted values, trust, and commitment to interpersonal connection with great customer service.
  • The public has a fashion common interest, while sharing some of the same styles, trends, and fashion ideas.
  • This indeed, is an important component and huge source of social connection.
  • Also, a sense of belonging to a group of wonderful people, interacting together, and bringing happiness to the moment.
  • Participating in “Shop Talk” as you work your way through, all the excitement of our many fabulous collections.
  • Talking about your experience through written reviews or our social media platform.
  • Don’t Be A Stranger! take your time and discover the beauty of our loving community of friends.
  • Remember our trust depends on you the customer.
  • We validate your thoughts and opinions.
  • Which continues to shape and mold us to perfection.
  • Keeping us focus, and active on our toes, as we continue growing to better ourselves.
  • Ailime DeSigns, wants you to share your shopping experience.
  • Tell a friend or family member, where you got those styles from.
  • We are glad you found us…

Happy Shopping!!















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