ShoE TaLk

Selection*Style*Suitable Fit

Will either be Rewarding or Challenging to wear, for more than 6 to 8 hours a day.

  • Dress Shoes & Boots are designed Round, Square and Pointed Toe.

  • Understanding our feet position, within the dress shoes we choose to buy/wear.

  • Relaxed feet/toes are the next best thing to a fantastic foot massage.

  • Creating comfort and leaving us with a relaxed feeling affect.
  • Which is the same feeling Ailime Designs wants to provide to our satisfied customers, after a wonderful shoe shopping experience.
  • So please choose relaxed styles/sizes, that will compliment your foot form/shape, while offering you the very best benefits our shoes/styles has to offer.
  • As you continue to avoid any foot problems and surgery down the road, that could arise from wearing shoes much smaller than your size.
  • Everyone who takes their walking trip with Ailime Designs, will surely find, fine quality shoes and a great stylish memory.
  • All Feet Not Made Alike! that's why it’s so very important, to understand what/which shoe fits/works wonders for our feet and toes.
  • No bunions, No cramped toes, No unnecessary swollen foot pressure, due to your shoe choice selection.
  • Or trying to wear a particular shoe style, just because of its beauty.
  • No! Some styles are not made for everyone’s sensitive feet/toes (to bare the harsh pain) against.
  • Some Strappy Sling-Back Heels for our beautiful ladies, has the tendency to dig deep into the upper top portion of our skin layer, due to the height of the shoe heels or from the slanted pressure coming from-the-shoe-heel-design height.
  • In some cases, many styles may cause the Feet & Toes, to endure unbearable foot pain, skin damage or bunions to our precious feet.

Wearing A Perfect Shoe, starts with selecting the right fit for your feet shape/form.

  • Various height, styles and the cut of the shoe design, is where you want to begin your shoe/boot choice selection.
  • Skinny cross straps with (1) or sometimes (2) narrow strap bands, will cause the feet not to survive throughout the evening nor during daytime wear.
  • You will then find yourself bringing a back-up shoe (flat) or (comfortable) shoe to work (just in case), your feet cannot handle nor continue to bare the pressure from those thin shoe straps purchased.
  • Also, night-out-on-the-town (hanging out with your girls), shoe pain will cause some of you ladies to come clean out-of-your shoes, out on-the-dance-floor, while holding them high in one-hand (as you continue to work-the-dance-floor barefooted). 
Just Messed-up! Your Fly Outfit Look Ladies... Smile....

    • Here at Ailime Designs, we’re not just here in business, just to make a buck or sale.
    • Sharing information with our customers is our first prior, after being in the retail industry for well-over 30 years.
    • Understanding our customers’ needs and best selection choices, in purchasing comfort first and style second.
    • Every style we purchase from our very wonderful vendors, is selected with much thought in-mind (hand-picked).
    • Hoping to carry fine products that works well for our Men, Women and our beautiful Children‘s growing foot needs.
    • Even that special occasion out-on-the-town.
    • It’s just our way of giving our great customers, the extra added help/support with confidence.

    First Steps

    First Shoes - for our toddlers beginning to walk, is the most important shoes to buy/purchase, for their continuing growing feet mother's.

    • Understanding a child’s foot growth, is very very important, starting out at a much younger age.
    • Style is cool and can be overwhelming for some mother’s, who prefer for their children to dress in style first-hand.
    • That’s fine! During their feet beginning growth stages, should be preparing to-take-on-strength, starting out by building strong ankles, arches and good foot support.
    • Come later, toddlers will be able for their feet growth, to maintain proper arch balance & support, while wearing the correct shoes daily. For at least 24 to 36 months or even till starting out in preschool (if necessary).
    • Having close to perfect feet for our kids, is what we parents strive to achieve, after their first steps are taken and their new journey begins.
    • Parents would not want for our toddlers, to endure/become flat-footed (without the proper foot support), inside their tiny shoes worn daily.
    • This would not be good for our children’s feet down-the-road, as they reach another level during their growing years to come.
    • Keeping their small tiny feet in-line, is the greatest gift a mother/grandmother can bring to their children’s lives, with confidence for life.  


    HAPPY KIDS!! not embarrassing foot problems, during Preschool, Kindergarten, Middle school & High school years to come.

    We Love You All……. HAPPY SHOE SHOPPING!!

     Ailime Designs